Using to modify the Raider Token Logo

Introduction to How to use to modify the Raider Token Logo – Part 01

Using to modify the Raider Token Logo

This video shows you how to use the free online program at to create images for the Raider Token Community Project.

In this video, you will learn.

  • How to open a file
  • How to create a new layer
  • How to select a layer
  • How to move a layer
  • How to use the Magic Wand Tool
  • How to select and deselect elements of a layer.
  • How to use the Paint Bucket Tool
  • How to use the Gradient Tool
  • How to modify the Hue & Saturation
  • How to use the Move Tool
  • How to use the Pen Tool
  • How to merge two layers using the merge down button
  • How to save a file

Learning how to use the free website gives Raider Token the power to create images. The more the community can learn, the better we will be able to adapt to our situation.

Raider Token is a community-own cryptocurrency project with absolutely no advertising budget. Whatever we do in marketing, we have to do ourselves.

Raider NFT Nr. 4.07

This #NFT is Raider Token Raffle Ticket Nr. 4.07

65 copies: Nr. 235 to 299 price: 0,0005 bnb.

Please support the Raider Token project by retweeting and making a comment.

Raider Token NFT 4.07
Raider Token NFT 4.07

The Raider Token Project

Raider Token is a community-owned, cryptocurrency project designed to give holders an absolutely safe place to store their digital assets.

Raider Token is also a 100% community-led cryptocurrency project. Each person in the community is a developer. Whatever your skill-set, there is something you can contribute to the project. We need you. To find out more about Raider Token, please visit:

Raider Token is Safe.

Raider Token was designed to be an extremely safe cryptocurrency. There is no possible way Raider Token can be RUG-PULLED. All doors and pathways have been removed. We made Raid safe by eliminating all of the ways known to be exploitable.

Raider Token features include:

  • A LOCKED LP (that’s locked for 80 years)
  • A renounced contract
  • A contract designed to be as simple as possible
  • No dev wallets
  • No marketing wallets
  • A Fair Launch that did not require whitelisting
  • Everyone could buy Raider Token in the Presale
  • A low reflection tax of 1%
  • 100% of all reflections are given back to holders

Why Raider Token is Important

Raider Token is…

  • A safe place to store wealth
  • A safe place to daytrade

By making a safe token with a tiny reflection tax, we gave Raider Token two main purposes. Raider Token is a safe place to store your money. Raider Token is also a safe place to daytrade.

Storing Money in Raider Token

Raider token can not be RUG-PULLED. The price of Raider token is determined by two factors.

  • The trading price of BNB
  • Buys and Sells of Raider Token

Nothing else can affect Raider Token’s price.

Raider Token is a community-owned project. There is no development team employed at Raider Token. Each community-member can work on the project as much or as little as they want. This gives us an advantage over other projects. There is no development team that is manipulating prices in the background.

When a project is RUG-PULLED it is almost always an inside job. The development team usually decides that they no longer want to invest time into the project. Then they cash-out and take all the money and run. This scenario cannot happen at Raider Token because nobody has access to the liquidity pool funds. The security of an LP that is locked for 80 years and a renounced contract is that LP cannot be manipulated in any way. Liquidity Pool funds are safe from all bad actors with dubious intentions.

What can affect the price is a constant flow of buys and sells. Just like Bitcoin, the price of Raider Token will go up and will go down based on the whims of its holders. Supply and demand determines the price.