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Our goal to become the most-voted token on is going well. Even after 9 months, everyone shows up day, each and every hour, to vote, vote, and vote some more.

After all, we’re Raiders and we Raid for Raider Token!!

Our total vote count is currently 464,519 total votes. That’s 35.5 thousand away from a 1/2 million votes.

Keep Voting and Promoting

A person can vote up to two times per hour, the votes are added to those of the Today and the All Time sections. Ask your community to vote for your project to attract the interest of all our visitors and investors! The more votes you have, the more visibility you get. On average promoted coins have three times more visitors: aim for the top!

May the best community win:

Raider Token on CoinVote

Raider Token

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We are all Raider Token. We raid the blockchain. We expand throughout the metaverse. Moment by moment, day by day our power becomes stronger. Soon we will all be holders of Raider Token. We are all Raiders. Expect us.

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