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Fear Not, The Raids Continue

I saw somebody in the main telegram group questioning whether or not we are working in the background. Yes, we are.

Each community member has the ability and the right and maybe even the duty to promote Raider Token.

We are only as good as our community.

New investors should not be asking themselves what the team is doing to make money for them.

There is no team. There are only holders.

If you want to make money, then you should jump right in and start promoting Raider Token as if it is your project because it is your project. You own Raider Token just as much as anyone. We are truly community-owned, community-driven, and community-run.

We Raiders. And this is our token.

If you don’t know where to start, start by voting. We all do it. Join in and help.


Raider Token

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We are all Raider Token. We raid the blockchain. We expand throughout the metaverse. Moment by moment, day by day our power becomes stronger. Soon we will all be holders of Raider Token. We are all Raiders. Expect us.

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