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Raider Token

Raider Token is a community-owned project.

The Raider Token community is totally unique to the Binance Smart Chain. Anybody can be a leader in the project just be leading. If you want to take control of your destiny, buy some Raider Token and then promote it in the manner you think it should be promoted. Raider Token has no leaders. Nobody can tell you what to do or what not to do. You are in control.

What is Raider Token?

Raider Token is a cryptocurrency that has one single utility. It’s a safe currency that can never be rug-pulled. It is impossible for any single person, group of people, organization, or entity of any kind to manipulate the Raider Token contract at any time or for any purpose.

Why is Raider Token RUGpull-proof?

There are three basic reasons why Raider Token is Rugpull-proof.

  1. The contract is permanently renounced. There is no mechanism for any person to acquire control of the contract and to unrenounce it. Therefore, Raider Token cannot be modified or manipulated. The Raider contract is the way it is. Forever. Raider Token is immutable.
  2. The LP has been locked until the next century. No person now living will be alive when the Raider Token Liquidity Pool unlocks. At no time during our lifespan will a developer team have access to the money in the LP. Cryptocurrency might not even exist in 2100. The Earth might not even exist at that time. We can’t say what will happen at that time. All we can say is that none of the creators of Raider Token will be here to see it.
  3. There are no Raider Token developer wallets. Raider Token was created to be developer free. 100% of the 1% reflections are distributed amongst the holders. Raider Token can’t be scammed because there is nothing scammers can access.

Raider Token is one of the absolute safest cryptocurrencies on the Binance Smart Chain.

Raider Token might even be the safest cryptocurrency token on any blockchain.

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