Raider Token November 12, 2023 Price

Raider Token Nnovember 12, 2023 Price

NOV 12, 2023: Raider Token’s current price is $0.0001645 (0.0₆6624 BNB) down -0.67% in 24h.

After looking at the trades, it is safe to assume these movements were from a day trader. The person started with a small purchase and then made a few trades over 10 days ending with a small profit of (0.02 BNB).

I heart daytraders. During these buys/sells, I received my reflections. That’s the beauty of the Raider Token project. The chart can go up or down. It’s all good either way. Trades of any kind are good for the project. Daytrading, LFG.

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