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Goals Raider Token is a community project, which means that each member of the community promotes the project as they see fit. I am not particularly interested in the Crypto Community as it currently exists, as I see the vast majority of it as not being people who truly love Crypto. Rather, they seem to be people who love scamming people with Crypto. For this reason, I have disengaged with almost every project in existence. I don’t do the usual things like shill the “influencer” accounts, beg whales to bless us, do AMAs, or any of the other typical stuff. I quit my position as admin in the Telegram group and unfollowed just about everyone I see as unfaithful to the project.

Now, with all that stress and distraction gone, I can spend my time expanding the website. One aspect of it is the “Holiday & Fun Day” section. I am currently putting one page online for just about every Holiday and Fun Day. This is a massive effort and I do not expect to be done with the basic set-up for at least a year. After I get through the calendar a few times, I will have enough material to constantly promote Raider Token to non-crypto people.

I have three reasons for doing this:

1) Crypto is eventually going to be adopted by the masses, although it won’t happen soon. Therefore, when it does, I want a method to reach people from all walks of life. Anybody that searches for any holiday or fun day at all should find us.

2) I want the backlinks. A good SEO strategy includes a large number of backlinks. When the holiday section is completed, I will have thousands of backlinks.

3) Most crypto projects have a tiny web presence. By spending all my time working on the website, there will not be another crypto token project that will have a web presence as large as Raider Token. We will have thousands of pages online when this is completed. Everybody else can go post hype gifs in Telegram. I have absolutely zero interest in wasting my time with that type of low-effort promotion.

If you are not interested in the Raider Token project, you should be. We will be here forever. #RaiderNation #RaiderToken #RaidNation

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