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I’m working on getting all of my socials updated and ready to go, so that i can join the RAID. I will update this list as I improve and progress. So far, all I have updated are Astrospaces, Reddit, and Astrospaces.




Raider Token is unique.

The details

We have a 1% buy, sell, and transfer fee. 100% of the reflections go to the holders. We have no marketing wallet. No reflections are sent to the dead, burn wallet. 82% of the supply was burned at the launch of Raider Token. Liquidity has been locked for 80 years. The launch was a completely fair launch.

The Goal

This token is a Day-Trading, Reflection Token designed to reach high volumes. Our goal is to become a true, digital currency that is used by people daily for all of their internet transactions.

Our origin story

A group of community members rose up from within a community called EarnHub and led Organized Raids and Shill events designed to boost EarnHub. We called ourselves EarnRaiders. This worked great as we smashed Algorithms everywhere and even sent EarnHub chart back into the green. This didn’t last forever as we were all ultimately scammed and we all lost pretty much everything. We then led a Raiders Scam investigation that ultimately led to the Developers getting Doxxed and identities getting turned over to authorities.

We decided the best way to prevent from getting scammed again was to create the ultimate, safe cryptocurrency.

Why Raider Token is safe

There are absolutely no hidden developers. This is a community-owned project. Every token holder is equal. All Raider community members are developers.

The only good Dev Team is No Dev Team.

By eliminating the Dev Team, we are effectively the safest token on the Binance Smart Chain. We are like BitCoin & DogeCoin, but with the benefits of a reflection token.

Your tokens increase just by holding.

To find out more about how we are changing what it means to be crypto, join our telegram group:

Raider Token Surge

The price of Raider Token is surging. In 2 weeks, we’ve had a 271% upswing and we are at a 6-month price high. That’s all great. I love this project and I want people everywhere in the world to be able to become a part of the community. Yet, a word of caution is my advice only.

Never FOMO.

I’m all in on this project. I’m 100% Raider and I’m going to ride this wave to fortune. I definitely do not want to say that it is risky to invest.

My worry is more about Scared Money.

If you buy with money that you need (rent money, food money, loans, credit), you will feel a pressure that is not healthy. This creates a bad vibe. Your money is scared because it needs the price to go up as soon as possible. This is not a good situation to be in. It hurts the project if people buy with Scared Money.

If you buy with money that is for investment purposes, you can feel comfortable knowing that your money is safe. Raider Token is incorruptable. You money will always be there. You can wait for the volitility to go in the right direction. Since you do not immediately need it, the chart will have less of an impact.

That’s why we say Never FOMO.

I’m not a financial adviser, so nothing that I say is financial advice. If you buy, buy only when you can spare the money. Opportunity will come. Raider Token is going to be here for years in to the future. You are early. There is no need to do any type of risky investing. Take your time and invest with the money that you can spare. If you can afford it, talk to a real financial advisor about your crypto investments.

If you want to find out more about Raider Token and the Raider Token community, please visit our telegram group:

Raider Token: Call to Action

Community-Owned: Forever

Raider Token is a community-owned project. Each and every holder, called a Raider, owns this project. Each and every holder gets the job of helping promote the project. Naturally, you don’t have to help. If you don’t help, look in the mirror and ask yourself why the price is going down. Since we have no developer team, there is nobody to complain too. If you want to see something get done, get it done.

What Can You Do To Help?

Things you can do to help us promote the Raider Token project are:

Download the Raider Token graphics and share them on social media. All graphics are in the public domain. Feel free to modify them.

For those who are able, do the research for us and write articles to post on the website.

If you would like to write reports about crypto safety and why it is important to buy renounced projects, those types of articles are needed.

Visit the project website and make comments on articles and posts. Use links, keywords and hashtags.

Tell your friends about our cryptoadventures and the benefits of Raider Token.

Tell your family about Raider Token.

Tell your Co-workers about Raider Token.

Basically, just tell everyone you meet about Raider Token.

Post about Raider Token on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Follow us on Twitter and tell us what you think about our Raider Token.

Follow us on Facebook and tell us what you think about our token

Blog, write, speak, blog, write, speak. You get the idea.

Update your social media posts with hashtags. No hashtag should be left behind.

Give us ideas about how to market our Raider Token.

Let us know how you plan to participate. What skills do you have?

Share your comments and questions on Facebook and Twitter

Subscribe to our newsletter (once we get one) to get updates about our progress.

These are some of the areas I can think of. Do you have ideas? How can we promote Raider Token? What are we missing?

Raiders Raid for Raider Token


Self-promotion is our greatest skill. We call our selves Raiders because we swarm into social media and promote our Raid Token with brute force, using only the power of our will. The charts don’t matter. We will never stop. We need to keep trying. If we never give up, we can never be defeated by the rich. We will become the rich. Let them try to stop us. No matter how much FUD comes our way, we will just keep going. Raiders Raid for Raider Token.

We have come to get back our glory and supremacy. What is our glory and greatness, you may ask? Of course, that is for us to decide. We are a group of self-promoters who thrive on getting noticed by succeeding. They will not be able to stop us, and you will not stop us. You are simply going to have to stand there and watch us live our glory and greatness!

No matter what you do to stop us, we will not give up. If you want to chase us away, we will not run away. If you want to kill us, we will not die. We will be here for as long as we choose to be here. We will get stronger, and we will become stronger still. We are not stupid.

Let them continue to fight for control, because they are mistaken about who we are.

We are the people who are going to create the greatest community-run cryptocrrency memetoken the world has ever seen.

Blockchain Technology Will Change Everything

“It will change everything” is a strong sentiment in the crypto world. Many people believe this technology will make their businesses run faster, better, safer, and more profitable.

Keep Voting and Promoting

A person can vote up to two times per hour, the votes are added to those of the Today and the All Time sections.

Ask your community to vote for your project to attract the interest of all our visitors and investors! The more votes you have, the more visibility you get. On average promoted coins have three times more visitors: aim for the top!

May the best community win:

The previous text was automatically generated by an AI program that I purchased. These texts are so funny sometimes. I only told it three words and it just went crazy and wrote that text: determination, unstoppable, self-promotion. After such a short period of time, even the AI knows the truth.

Raider Token is unkillable!!

Instagram Post, Nr. 880

Fear Not, The Raids Continue

I saw somebody in the main telegram group questioning whether or not we are working in the background. Yes, we are.

Each community member has the ability and the right and maybe even the duty to promote Raider Token.

We are only as good as our community.

New investors should not be asking themselves what the team is doing to make money for them.

There is no team. There are only holders.

If you want to make money, then you should jump right in and start promoting Raider Token as if it is your project because it is your project. You own Raider Token just as much as anyone. We are truly community-owned, community-driven, and community-run.

We Raiders. And this is our token.

If you don’t know where to start, start by voting. We all do it. Join in and help.


Raider Token

Instagram Post Nr. 879


Our goal to become the most-voted token on is going well. Even after 9 months, everyone shows up day, each and every hour, to vote, vote, and vote some more.

After all, we’re Raiders and we Raid for Raider Token!!

Our total vote count is currently 464,519 total votes. That’s 35.5 thousand away from a 1/2 million votes.

Keep Voting and Promoting

A person can vote up to two times per hour, the votes are added to those of the Today and the All Time sections. Ask your community to vote for your project to attract the interest of all our visitors and investors! The more votes you have, the more visibility you get. On average promoted coins have three times more visitors: aim for the top!

May the best community win:

Raider Token on CoinVote

Raider Token

Instagram Post, 871: Risky Investments

Post #871: Risky Investments

Cryptocurrency can be a very risky investment. That’s a fact. It is essential to understand that some cryptocurrencies are risky and other cryptocurrencies are well-crafted schemes designed to defraud investors. The key to surviving in the cryptosphere is to avoid the latter entirely.

The contract must be renounced.

If a cryptocurrency start-up project gives the coin/token founders total control over the cryptocurrency’s contract and funds, it is almost 100% guaranteed that the project is going to defraud its investors.

Often project developers will tell investors that it is necessary that the contract be unlocked so that innovation can happen. This is not true. It is entirely possible to build a safe cryptocurrency that is secure. After that original token is completed, it can be used as a currency in other contracts in the name of innovation.

The only reason developer teams want access to the contract and the Lp is so that they can spend those funds as they deem necessary.

Therefore, if a project has a developer team wants access to the contract and the Lp and they cite innovation as the reason it is best to give them access to these vulnerable areas, do not invest in their project. You are going to be defrauded.


Raider Token was designed to be safe. The contract has been renounced and disowned. Nobody can modify it. The Lp was also locked until the year 2102. That’s next century!

Find out more about us by following us on social media.

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