Raider Token is a generational wealth creating cryptocurrency that is renounced, locked and safe from human manipulation!!

The BTC of the BSC

Raider Token: The BTC of the BSC.

We’ve added compounding interest to the equation.

Every single trade that happens, whether it is a buy, a sell, or a transfer is charged a 1% fee. This 1% is then divided up amongst all holders and airdropped into your wallet as soon as the transaction happens. The popular name for the 1% fee is called “reflections”.

100 percent of these reflections go to Raider token holders. None of the reflections is sent to the LP. None of the reflections is sent to Dev wallets. None of the reflections is sent to a marketing wallet. Nobody has access to these reflection tokens. Reflections can’t be stolen or manipulated. As soon as the transaction takes place, the renounced contract sends these bonus Raider Tokens directly to holders.

To be fair, it’s only 1%. And the 1% is spread out amongst all holders. So, it is not a lot of interest if you are calculating it on a daily basis. Over the long term, however, this small bonus is going to make a big difference.

If you look at the number of massive buys and sells that happen with popular coins like Bitcoin, Doge, and Shiba, you’ll see transactions in the millions. People buy and sell hundreds of bitcoins. For the smaller holders, this is a constant state of stress. The Bitcoin price swings up and down based on whatever the big financial institutions are doing.

With Raider Token, these types of huge transactions are no longer a cause of stress. For smaller wallets, these transactions would now be a reason to celebrate. Each time some bank decides to drop 50 million in bitcoin, everyone benefits. Then, when they buy it back up at a lower price, each holder benefits again.

The volatility of Bitcoin, if Bitcoin was designed like Raider Token, would now be its greatest asset.

Since Bitcoin cannot be modified, we’ve had to recreate it with Raider Token. After Raider Token
was released, the contract was renounced. Raider Token is a finished project. Raider Token cannot be manipulated or changed.

Raider Token has been released to the public and has taken on its own life. Buys & Sells have a different meaning here. Each time the price crashes or moons, the Raider Token Community cheers!

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We are all Raider Token. We raid the blockchain. We expand throughout the metaverse. Moment by moment, day by day our power becomes stronger. Soon we will all be holders of Raider Token. We are all Raiders. Expect us.

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