Why not give away Raider Tokens?

I have been asked, “Why create a second token? Why not give Raider Token away as Raider Pay did?”

To answer a question with a question, I have to ask, “Who is going to pay for the Raider Tokens that you would like us to give away?” Technically, I have to say “me.” There is no “us.” We have no developer team at Raider Token. That’s the whole problem.

If you want free Raider Tokens, somebody must buy those tokens. Everything we’ve tried has involved somebody giving away their time or money. In the case of the Duck Race and Raider Pay, somebody bought those Raider Tokens and gave them away.

In the case of the War Chest and the Raider Raffle, community members funded those projects. People gave away their funds in an attempt to stimulate the project.
The Raider Raffle was particularly bitter. The idea was to buy two tickets for around 34 cents and give one away. The Raffle itself was not the purpose. The “giving away part” was the purpose. It was a marketing action. People were supposed to buy the Raffle Tickets and give them to others to get them involved in the community. It was like a gift card. Nevertheless, the number of people complaining that they had to give away 17 cents to participate in the Raffle was frustrating. At the same time, people keep asking others to give them free Raider Tokens.

The Duck Race is a prime example of this short-sighted thinking. People bought Raider Tokens solely to get Raider Sea Lady to give them free Raider Tokens. When they didn’t win, they immediately sold those Raider Tokens.

It is only possible to get around the laziness that most crypto people bring to the culture by making an incorruptible second token. The best part about Raider Rewards is that people can only purchase Raider Rewards in small amounts. It is the ultimate anti-whale token. If whales try to buy up Raider Rewards, they will lose value.

Raider Rewards is for people who work on the Raider Token. Nobody is going to give you Free Raider Tokens. If you want free crypto, you will have to work for it.

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