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I’m working on getting all of my socials updated and ready to go, so that i can join the RAID. I will update this list as I improve and progress. So far, all I have updated are Astrospaces, Reddit, and Astrospaces.




Instagram Image #822

Image, 822: This image was posted by a member of the Raider Token community. It has been modified slightly from its original form. Modifications include:

  • Changing the format to 1080 x 1080 pixels for Instagram
  • Adding “Raider token” to the bottom of the image.

Raider Token is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency initiative. It is different than everything else. How?

  • Raider Token was created to be secure.
  • Raider Token has a contract that has been renounced.
  • Raider Token lacks a development staff capable of committing fraud behind the scenes.
  • The Raider token contract can not be modified or manipulated.
  • The Raider Token contract has been finalized. It is in its completed form.
  • The contract cannot be changed or modified in any way.
  • The liquidity pool has been locked until the end of the century.
  • There are very few cryptocurrency tokens that are as safe as Raider Token.

Instagram Images 753 to 758

A few of the images posted on Instagram: 753 to 758.

🦅 Let’s go Raider Token

Raider Token is already the BTC of the BSC. We are all Early. BitcoinV2!!

Raider Token: The BTC of the BSC
🔥 Contract renounced
🔥 LP locked – 80 Years
🔥 No dev/marketing wallets
🔥 1% buy and 1% sell tax, ALL tokens go to holders

Visit Us on Instagram:

Raider Token Status: 2022-10-23

37th on Coinvote

Raider Token is the 37th most voted project on CoinVote. As of Sunday Oct 23, 2022, Raider Token has 368,910 total votes. To reach position nr. 36, we will need to get at least 377,168 total votes.

695 posts on Instagram

Today is the 295th day of 2022. There are a total of 695 Raider Token posts on Instagram. That’s an approximate total of 2.3559 posts per day. In order to reach our goal of 3 Raider Token posts per day (1095 posts in total), another 400 posts still need to be made by Dec. 31, 2022.

Raider Token Price

The current price of Raider Token is $0.000316616 per token.

Raider Token Holders

There are currently 1,101 wallet addresses that contain Raider Tokens.

Raider Token Summary for October 23, 2022.

I only see a few people on social media doing anything to support the Raider Token project. It’s the same tiny group of people doing the work. What are the rest of the holders doing? My guess is that they are waiting to sell.

I do not see this lack of effort to be a problem. The price is too high right now. I’d like to see the price drop by 50%. I think the small group of dedicated holder will absorb the sold tokens. The more tokens that we can get out of circulation the better.