Raid Republic Socials

I’m working on getting all of my socials updated and ready to go, so that i can join the RAID. I will update this list as I improve and progress. So far, all I have updated are Astrospaces, Reddit, and Astrospaces.




Goals: Make a List

The Raider Token Community is a small group of dedicated people. We all have the goal of making our token into one of the top tokens in the world. We want to be a household name. We want to create generational wealth so that our families future health and finances are secured. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “How?”

Make A List

The best way to acheive a goal is to make a list breaking down the steps needed to complete the desired task. Then to follow the list with discipline. You never waver from the list. You follow the list every day no matter what until you accomplish your goal. Your mood should not play a role. Discipline means doing it even if you don’t want to do it. “Just showing up” is the first step to getting the goal accomplished.

How to Make a List

The first step to making a list is to just do it. You should break it down into smaller units that are more easy to accomplish.

For example, you might want to lose 5 kilograms. You would not want to make a list that says: lose 5 kilograms. Your list should break the goal down. Start with lose 50 grams. Lose 100 grams. Lose 150 grams. Lose 200 grams. Make smaller steps all the way to your goal and check them off as you accomplish them.

I would like to get 1000 followers on Twitter. I made a list to accomplish this.

List: Get 1000 followers on Twitter.

  • Create a Twitter Account
  • Get 10 Twitter Followers
  • Get 25 Twitter Followers
  • Get 50 Twitter Followers
  • Get 75 Twitter Followers
  • Get 100 Twitter Followers
  • Get 200 Twitter Followers
  • Get 300 Twitter Followers
  • Get 400 Twitter Followers
  • Get 500 Twitter Followers
  • Get 600 Twitter Followers
  • Get 700 Twitter Followers
  • Get 800 Twitter Followers
  • Get 900 Twitter Followers
  • Get 1000 Twitter Followers
  • Set a Higher Goal

Make a Plan

After you make a list, decide how you are going to accomplish it. This is a trial and error process. The first step to making a plan is to ask questions.

  • Ask other people who have acheived a similar goal how they did it.
  • Read about it online and search for ideas.
  • Try different things a see what works. Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Track you progress. Repeat what works.
  • Modify your plan as needed.

Plan: Get 1000 followers on Twitter.

  1. Follow People
    1. Get 10 Followers
      1. Follow 10 people
      2. Did they follow back? In not, follow 10 more people
      3. Repeat Step 2 until Step 1 is completed
    2. Sit in Spaces
      1. Follow 10 people
      2. Did they follow back? In not, follow 10 more people
      3. Repeat Step 2 until Step 1 is completed
  2. Write Posts
    1. Write a post about a topic
      1. Did you get followers?
        1. If yes, write another article about the same topic.
        2. If no, pick a new topic and try again.
  3. Like and Retweet
    1. Look for people who follow lots of people
      1. Like their posts
      2. Retweet their Posts
      3. Make a comment on their Posts
      4. Did they follow you?
        1. If yes, start the process again.
        2. If no, try 5 more times and then move on.

Raider Token Social Media Dominance

It’s not going to be easy to dominate the social media landscape. Yet, Raider Token has one advantage over the other projects. The Raider Token Community is here for the long-term. Other projects get people buying their tokens just so they can quickly sell them and move on. Their holders are transient. They come and go.

The Raider Token community is different. We are trying to build a solid foundation that will be here next year, five years from now, ten years from now, forever.

Therefore, as we build up our social media presence, it will age with us. We’re not going to have to start again, each time we stumble onto a new project or every time the old project gets Rugpulled.

For example, I had over 10,000 Tweets supporting FlavorsBSC. After Jarod Guenther and Ryan Dunn killed the project, I had to delete all of those tweets and pictures and start again. Four months of work lost.

With Raider Token, we will not have to do this. Every time we post, we are building up our online presence. We might be small now, but if we just keep showing up and we keep doing the work, we will eventually have a massive social media presense that rivals any project out there.

The Raider Token Community

If you would like to know about the Raider token Community and why Raider Token is Rugpull-proof, please visit our website: RaiderToken.Com.