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Coin Market Cap: Raid Nr. 1

Raid #1: Thursday, April 6, 2023: CoinMarketCap: Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts and Market
Coin Market Cap: Raid Nr. 1

The purpose of the Coin Market Cap Raid is to dedicate some time and community spirit into building up and strengthening our CMC profile pages. Posting on CMC should be something we start doing daily by making comments, liking our fellow Raiders, and reposting other posts written by community members.

Coin Market Cap should see that our community profiles have activity on them. Every day, try to post on CMC and then share the posts to Twitter with the share button. CMC should notice that our Raider Token community is still alive and well.

CoinMarketCap: Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts and Market: Thursday, April 6th, 2023


Coin Market Cap Preraid Tasks

All Raiders should…

  1. Create an account at CoinMarketCap (CMC).
  2. Update their profile to include:
    1. Profile Picture
    2. Background Picture
    3. Biography
    4. Watchlist
    5. Website
    6. Make 1 or 2 Posts daily leading up to the Raid

The Raid

The Raid will be a 24 hour, multi-time zone Raid.

Even though the Raid will start on April 6th, all Raiders should already be working on the Raid now. Everyday that you log in to CMC, you get a diamond. On the 7th day, which is RAID DAY, you get a bonus from CMC. If enough of us do it, it might cause CMC to notice our project again.

All Raiders Should…

  1. All Raiders should make posts on CMC. The goal is to make 10 to 15 posts throughout the day.
  2. Several times per day, visit CMC and like the posts from other Raiders.
  3. Make unique comments (not just copy and past the same, “to the moon,” posts that are common in our industry.
  4. Al Raiders should follow all other Raiders.

The Goal

  1. The Date: Thursday April 6th in Your Time Zone
  2. The Duration: 24 hours
  3. The Goal: To create a presence on CMC
  4. The Why: To show CMC that we have a Strong and Active Community.

The Conclusion

Whether or not we make it on to CMC or not, it is imporatant to take control of our presence on their website.

Coin Market Cap Raid Updates

More information about the upcoming CMC Raid can be found on our RaiderTeam247 Subreddit.

Coin Market Cap Raid Updates
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