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Raider Token Raiders: Active or Passive?

The RAID COMMANDER poll is almost over and almost nobody responded that they would be willing to organize and conduct a Raider Token Raid. Only two people said that they would. Therefore, I created a new poll to find out if anybody is willing to RAID for RAIDER TOKEN.

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Raid Commander Poll

Raid for Raider Token Poll

Ok, so you don’t have the time to organize a RAID.

NOBODY wants to dedicate a bunch of their time for free.

If you are not able to be a community organizer, are able to just be a community member? Are you able to participate in a RAID?

This is a discussion that a few of the OG members were having about a week ago. How many of the holders are PASSIVE and how many are ACTIVE?

There is no judgment here.

We need both active and passive users. Eventually, most people who hold Raider Token will not even know that we exist. Those people won’t know what it took to pull ourselves up from nothing and to make a successful project. That’s fine too. That’s what should happen. People won’t need to know the origin of $RAID to use it as a Cryptocurrency.



Are you an active Raider Token holder?

  1. An Active Raider participates in the RAIDS whenever possible (at least 50% of the time).
  2. If an Active Raider does not use a particular social media platform, an Active Raider is willing to create new account.
  3. An Active Raider is willing to promote Raider Token in the Real World


An active Raider Token holder…

  1. A Passive Raider LIKES the Raider Token project, but has a lot of other projects that are just as important. There is not enough time to donate a lot of time to any one project.
  2. A Passive Raider participates in the RAIDS less than 50% of the time (or never)
  3. A Passive Raider doesn’t have the time to create and maintain new social media accounts. They have what they have and that’s enough.
  4. A Passive Raider can’t participate in the Real World. That’s just not possible.
  5. A Passive Raider likes Raider Token and is willing to RT and Like posts. Comments and Quote tweets are too time consuming.
  6. By definition, if you saw this Poll and did not vote, you are a Passive Raider. We love Passive Raiders too. There is not obligation to work for the community. If you don’t have the time to Raid, then that’s okay too. All holders are welcome (whether you participate or not).

Today’s Poll Question is…

Are you an Active or Passive Raider Token Raider?

Take the Poll Here. 🙂
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