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Raider Token is now the 29th most-voted crypto project on the world’s largest coin-voting platform CoinVote.

Raider Token currently has 446,325 total votes. We need at least another 20,000 votes to get to rank nr. 28.

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Raider Token currently has 446,325 total votes.

Raider Token is now the 29th most-voted crypto project on the world’s largest coin-voting platform CoinVote.

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Cryptocurrency lives or dies based on the hard work of its community. The holders are the most important participants in this marketplace. They are those who put in the energy, effort, and monetary resources to build and promote a coin or token. Every single one of those efforts should be highlighted and commended for its commitment and dedication. The good work done by these individuals should not be wasted or overlooked. A cryptocurrency that does not support its community will not last long.

Is Mass Adoption Possible for Raider Tokens?

It is important to remember that certain efforts are held to a higher priority, based on their relative importance. Some efforts will likely need to wait for other priorities to be completed. The more worthy projects are completed first, the more time will be available to promote RaiderNation Tokens in the future.

It is important to understand that promoting and building a cryptocurrency requires a certain level of dedication and commitment. Nobody wants to promote a cryptocurrency that is destined for obscurity.

Raider Token ($Raid)

Raider Token is a community-owned project.

The RT community is unique. Our goal is to build a safe cryptocurrency that will protect new investors. To do this, RT is a completely renounced project. There is no other project on the Binance Smart Chain that has shutdown outside manipulation and abuse in the way Raider Token has. Like Bitcoin and DogeCoin, RT is totally renounced and disowned.

When there are no leaders, everyone is a potential leader. Anybody can be a leader in the RT project just by leading and building. If you want to take control of your destiny, buy some RaiderToken ($RAID) and then promote it in the manner you prefer.

Since RaiderToken has no leaders, there is no authority. Nobody can tell you what to do or what not to do. You are in control. If you don’t want to be in control, that’s okay too. You can join our socials and follow what the rest of the RT community is doing.

Raider Token on Social Media

What is RaiderToken ($RAID)?

RaiderToken ($RAID) is a cryptocurrency that has one single utility. It’s a safe currency that can never be rug-pulled. It is impossible for any single person, group of people, organization, or entity of any kind to manipulate the Raider Token contract at any time or for any purpose.

Why is Raider Token RUGpull-proof?

There are three basic reasons why RT ($RAID) is Rugpull-proof.

  1. The contract is permanently renounced. There is no mechanism for any person to acquire control of the contract and to unrenounce it. Therefore, Raider Token cannot be modified or manipulated. The RT ($RAID) contract is the way it is. Forever. Immutable.
  2. The LP has been locked until the next century. No person now living will be alive when the $RAID Liquidity Pool unlocks. At no time during our lifespan will a developer team have access to the money in the LP. Cryptocurrency might not even exist in 2100. The Earth might not even exist at that time. We can’t say what will happen at that time. All we can say is that none of the creators of $RAID will be here to see it.
  3. There are no Raider Token developer wallets. Raider Token was created to be developer free. 100% of the 1% reflections are distributed amongst the holders. RT ($RAID) can’t be scammed because there is nothing scammers can access.

RT ($RAID) is one of the absolute safest cryptocurrencies on the Binance Smart Chain.

RT ($RAID) might even be the safest cryptocurrency token on any blockchain.

Safe Crypto?

Safe Crypto? Is there such a thing as safe crypto?

Well, no. Any crypto can fail in the same way that a stock can fail. Though there is no way to be 100% secure, there is a way to reduce some of the risks of buying crypto: Ban the developers!

Why did FTX fail? FTX failed because the developers were cheating, looting, and stealing behind the scenes. They were playing god with their holders’ money.

This behavior happens throughout the industry. Whenever a developer is involved, fraud happens. 100% of all rugpulls are done by the developer team. The only good developer is no developer.

Raider Token is the safest cryptocurrency project out there. Its renounced contract means that there is no development team that can commit fraud behind the scenes. The contract is in its final form and can’t be altered or manipulated. Plus, the liquidity pool has been locked until the end of this century. There is no other crypto token that is as safe as Raider Token.

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Raider Token is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency initiative. It is different than everything else. How?

  • Raider Token was created to be secure.
  • Raider Token has a contract that has been renounced.
  • Raider Token lacks a development staff capable of committing fraud behind the scenes.
  • The Raider token contract can not be modified or manipulated.
  • The Raider Token contract has been finalized. It is in its completed form.
  • The contract cannot be changed or modified in any way.
  • The liquidity pool has been locked until the end of the century.
  • There are very few cryptocurrency tokens that are as safe as Raider Token.

Raider Token on CoinVote

Raider Token: 2,611 Daily Votes

Raider Token: 427,856 Total Votes

Raider Token is still the 30th most-voted project on

As of today, November 15, 2022, Raider Token has a total of 427,856 total votes. Only 29 Crypto projects have managed to rank higher than Raider Token. CatCoin, 29th most voted token, is now only 15,859 ahead. We will overtake them. The only question is will it take a week or 2 weeks.

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

Dale Carnegie

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. The certainty of overcoming fear is what makes all the difference. Belief in oneself, accompanied by genuine conviction of one’s self-worth, is a potent combination.

While other people can become demoralised and doubt themselves – or succumb to self-hatred – genuine confidence in one’s own vision and value, irrespective of the outcome, provides one with an unstoppable momentum. Success is therefore as much a question of willpower and persistence, but also of maintaining an honest optimism about the outcome of one’s actions.

Imagine what it would take to accomplish your goal, then ask yourself, “Am I doing enough to make this happen?”


Raider Token: 30th Most-Voted Crypto on CoinVote

Raider Token: 420,714 Total Votes

Raider Token is now the 30th most-voted project on

As of today, November 12, 2022, Raider Token has a total of 420,714 total votes. Only 29 Crypto projects have managed to rank higher than Raider Token.

Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones!

Ben Francia

When you stop pushing yourself, you stop developing and producing the best work you possibly can. If you simply can’t bring yourself to get up from the sofa, obtain a permission, take your TV and it outdoors, and burn them both. Then, do what you truly want to… succeed!

My advice to you is this: Find what you want to get done this year. Do it with determination, work, perspiration, determination, motivation, win, success, keep trying and work on your motivation. Don’t give up and work on your motivation. Work on your drive. Work on your determination. Work on your desire to win. Work on your motivation and keep working on your drive, and you will get amazing results.

Join us!!


Raider Token: 31st Most-Voted Crypto on CoinVote

Total Votes: 402, 299

#RaiderToken is the 31st most-voted project on the popular cryptocurrency voting website

Coinvote has over 25,000 different projects listed. Raider Token is number 31 on this list. That’s no easy task. It has taken the Raider Token community a lot of determination and grit to get so high up in the All-Time Most-Voted chart. The Raider token community is determined to be the greatest cryptocurrency project in the world. It doesn’t matter that we’re new. It doesn’t matter that we have a long way to go. All that matters is that we won’t give up until we succeed.

Raider Token is determined to win.

We are never going to give up. Even being nr. 1 is not enough. We will not be happy until every single person has some Raider token in their Crypto Wallet.

Join us!!


Raider Token: 32nd Most-Voted Crypto on CoinVote

Raider Token is now the 32nd most-voted Crypto Project on

Raider Token has over 398,208 total votes. One vote is allowed per hour, per person. The Raider Token project is 8-months old. It has taken daily commitment from holders to reach this milestone. Next stop: postion 31.

The most important thing to anyone needs to know about the Raider Token project is that we have no intention of giving-up. If we don’t make our breakthrough today, tomorrow is another chance.

Every day Raider Token gets more votes. To find out how we are raning today, click here: CoinVote

Happy Nachos Day, Raiders.


November 6 is National Nachos Day! On this day we celebrate one of the most delicious snacks.

Where ever you are Raiders, today’s the day to eat Nachos!

The history of nachos can be traced back to Piedras Negras, Texas, a Mexican border town just west of the Rio Grande. On this day in 1943, the wives of U.S. soldiers stationed at Ft. Duncan dropped by a Piedras Negras hotspot called the Victory Club.

The well-liked hangout was unfortunately closed for the day. Nevertheless, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, the manager, decide to make a quick dish with the ingredients he still had remaining: jalapenos, shredded cheese, and triangle-shaped fried tortillas. The result he called Nachos.

Later, in 1978, the iconic ABC sportscaster Howard Cosell mentioned the term “nachos” during a Monday Night Football game — helping to turn this rather simple dish into an American tradition.

Without intending to, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya began a new tradition that still bares his name today.

Sometimes the things that we do seem insignificant and unimportant, but end up being greater than we could imagine.

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